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almond-oat cracker recipe

Not all that long ago we were gluten free over here because of Maya.  For 5 years she vomited endlessly and we had no clue why.  Finally, a random meeting with a woman in the park (who since became my best friend) shed light on her issue - food sensitivities.  Let's just say our lives haven't been the same since.  Like GI Joe used to say, "knowing is half the battle."  The other half is cooking.  And, let me tell you, at times it is a battle!  So, even though Maya is now fine to eat whatever she likes, sometimes I decide we're overdosing on wheat and need a change.  Here's a recipe that could be GF or not depending on your oats and the type of flour you roll with.  By the way, don't be scared about making crackers.  It's frugal and easy - tonight Maya rolled them out, cut them, and salted them herself.  (She also ate about half the batch!)

1/2 C ground almonds
3/4 C ground oats (coffee grinder/food processor) 
4 T fat (coconut oil, palm shortening, butter, olive oil, lard)
1/2 t sea salt
1/4 C water (adjust if needed - make a stiff dough)
1/4 t vanilla

Soften or melt the fat and mix all ingredients, first with a spoon, then with your hands.  Dust your hands with sweet rice flour or ground oats to prevent sticking.  Make a ball and put it in a jar and let it soak for a while (a while can be as long or short as you need it to be.  We got busy and stuck it in the fridge for 2 days!).
Preheat the oven and a baking stone to 400.  Divide the dough into 4 pieces.  On a flour-dusted piece of parchment paper, roll out the first piece of dough as thin as you possibly can.  Add more flour (pick a GF flour) as needed to prevent sticking.  Cut the dough with a pizza cutter into cracker shapes (squares are easy, diamonds are cool, random is fine too), then prick holes with a fork if you want to.  Salt the tops with sea salt. 

Slide the parchment with the rolled crackers onto a pizza peel or cookie sheet to transfer them onto the baking stone.  (The parchment goes directly onto the stone, the cookie sheet is just a transferring device.)  Bake for 5-8 minutes or until the edges are golden brown. 

*I didn't actually make them quite like this - instead of water and so many oats, I used a cup of sourdough starter and only 1/2 C oats.  Without the starter I think you might need xanthan gum. =) 

See?  It's a battle!  Go win it!




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